The Department of Gender Affairs is distressed and very concerned that after more than a week, there has been no good news regarding the safe return of Leanna Napoleon. 

The department joins the prayerful circle of those who continue to be heartbroken over the sudden disappearance of this young lady, but we remains hopeful that the country will be able to celebrate a positive outcome. 

“Leanna, wherever you are, we are reaching out to let you know that we are working relentlessly to help in breaking this good news. We assure you that the entire country is united in fulltime efforts to re-unite you with your family.”

The department makes a special and urgent appeal to anyone with any information and in this regard you are asked not to consider information which you may have to be insignificant. Allow the police authorities to make that determination. Please, Leanna is more than just a “missing teen” Leanna is a young lady, a human being with great potential and much promise. Please, make that call to the police. 

The Gender Affairs Department invites all to treat this serious matter with urgency, sensitivity and respect for Leanna, her family, her community and church.

To the family and relatives of Leanna, we encourage you to remain strong standing firm in your faith, as the entire community continue to pray and hope for the safe return of Leanna.


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