(The Daily Herald):  PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad--Canadian national Jacques Heroux, who caused an American Airlines flight to divert from its intended route to Brazil and land at Piarco International Airport so that he could be kicked off for being drunk, pleaded guilty Monday to being a nuisance aboard the flight.

But he said he did it because he was in love.

He was fined TT$8,000, which he had to pay by yesterday, Tuesday or he will serve six weeks' hard labour, and was released on a bond in the sum of TT$25,000 so that he could make arrangements to pay the fine.

With the help of his attorney, Fareed Ali, Heroux, 48, told Arima Magistrate Adrian Darmanie of the Arima Second Court that he had had consumed eight mini bottles of Dewars Scotch Whisky just after he boarded the flight in Miami, USA, last weekend.

According to the Airports Authority, who laid the charge against Heroux, the American Airlines flight had departed Miami International Airport and was en-route to Brazil when Heroux began behaving in a disorderly manner.

Around 4:30am on Saturday, the flight's captain radioed the Piarco tower and told them about Heroux, who reportedly took off his seat-belt and began laying across three seats as the flight attendants pleaded with him to sit properly.

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0 #1 me 2012-11-29 08:24
8) How could you sell a man eight drinks and then fine him for getting drunk. That's like taking a child to the beach and beating him for getting sandy. LOL. seriously???

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