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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Nevis Reformation Party is making the decriminalization of marijuana one of its key election campaign promises.

NRP Deputy Leader Hensley Daniel has been listing policies, plans and projects a Nevis Reformation Party administration will prioritize.

He tells WINN FM that the electorate has already been made aware of the NRP programme at town hall meetings.

“Decriminalization, we have held some consultations and we are finalizing that now but we certainly intend and will push for the decriminalization of marijuana and a part A and part B to develop an industry, that’s one. Two, we are going to remove the $5000 dollars environmental tax from the vehicles, we are going to do the national health insurance scheme and we have a programme called rent to own where the rent you pay for a building or house becomes part and parcel of the deposit for the home. So if you live in a home for three years and you paid say $1000 dollars a month at the end of three years you have $36,000 dollars which will go towards the purchase of the home. The usual thing is you rent and rent but you never own.”

Crime and the economy are also key priorities for the NRP.

“The question of crime and violence we have to address, in very much the same new way of prevention, rehabilitation and of course the whole question of security. But most importantly I think the biggest issue in Nevis, has to do with the economy and so we really can’t continue this business of relying on the federal government for essentially handouts or budget support , whatever you want to call it. What we are going to do, we have already begun discussions with some key players and we have to have some major economic activity in the country in the tourism sector in one area for sure, but certainly the rent to own, education, health, marijuana, the removal of the $5000 dollar levy from the cars.”

Daniel, a former deputy premier, says ensuring a Nevis Reformation Party government will have the funds to implement its plans and policies, is something the party has been working on.

“We have already begun the discussions with a number of developers, we have begun the discussions and we’re at the point where we have had major interest shown from them. Of course we won’t say because we don’t want that to be known yet but we know that we are going to get that money. We have to fire the economy to finance the programmes in health, education and security and that’s the problem right now. We need heavy investment, of course you know the ability to attract foreign direct investment is a big issue.”

According to Daniel, the CCM-led Nevis Island Administration has done very little during its current term in office, compared to the work done by former NRP governments.

He concedes however, that the coming election will be a tough one.

The election is due in the first quarter of 2018, but could be held this year.


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