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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN: Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation funds being used to push the development process in Nevis, translates into several ongoing projects being fueled by SIDF funding.

The Concerned Citizens Movement-run Nevis Island Administration, boasts of this, as a significant achievement facilitated by its being a part of the Team Unity coalition administration.

It says contrary to what obtained under the former Denzil Douglas Labour Party government, Nevis is now getting its fair share of SIDF funds obtained through the federation’s Citizenship by Investment programme.

That point was emphasized back in February by Nevis Deputy Premier Mark Brantley, the Foreign Affairs Minister in the federal government.

He said “Nevis has to be included because we are part of the country and so the SIDF now has representation from Nevis and as a consequence of the new philosophy we see projects being funded in Nevis for the first time. The honourable member from No. 7 and Prime Minister spoke that over $62 million dollars in less than two years has been allocated from the SIDF for projects in Nevis. From hospital, to Mondo track, to Bath Stream, to Vance Amory airport, you name it we are now seeing the DNA and the fingerprints of the SIDF across the infrastructural landscape in Nevis. And that again must be mentioned…because for a long time in the country the people of Nevis said that we were excluded.”

However the CCM’s political rival, the Nevis Reformation Party which wants to oust the Concerned Citizens Movement at the next Nevis elections, is critical of what it describes as the NIA not being able to generate its own funds, and continuously begging the SIDF for funds.

Despite that level of criticism NRP Deputy Leader Hensley Daniel is not ruling out a Nevis Reformation Party government accepting SIDP funding.

“Countries must show that they can attract investment , foreign direct investment, into the country and that is where the rub is for us that we don’t see any evidence of this and we see the whole idea, this dependency on the federal government for budget support is foolishness in our context.”

WINN FM asked if the NRP administration would not accept funds from the SIDF.

“No, no, no we’re not saying that remember we did in the past when we were building the Performance Arts Center, when we were building the Bath Stream and when they sorted out the PEP programme and so, no we are not saying that. We’re saying we will pursue our own development path with regard to determining the economic focus for our island but where necessary we will seek the assistance of the government but that is a difference from not doing anything and relying on the government in St Kitts for budget support” Daniel said.


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