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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Inon Nias of Greenlands, who was charged with gun and drug possession for two illegal guns and a large quantity of cocaine found at his residence, has been $50,000 granted bail at the Magistrate court.

Defense Force personnel stopped Nias on the Southeast peninsula last Saturday, and a search of his vehicle turned up 29 dime bags of cocaine.

This prompted a search of his residence in Greenlands that same day, which lead to the discovery of an unspecified amount of cocaine and Smith and Wesson .40 pistol and a .380 pistol, both with several rounds of ammunition.

He stands charged with Possession of illegal firearms, possession of ammunition, Possession of Cocaine and two counts of Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Supply.

As part of his bail conditions Nias has to report to the Basseterre Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he is not to be found outside his place of abode between 9pm to 6am and had to surrender travel documents to the court.

In other news Jerod Stapleton of Lodge Estate, charged with possession of Cannabis, was granted bail at the Magistrate court in the amount of $10,000. He has been ordered to report to the Basseterre Police Station every Friday and observe a curfew at his residence between 9pm and 6am.


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+1 #1 Jeffrey L Donovan 2017-08-13 10:55
Finally more severe bail; hopefully, this can be a deterrent to crime. Keep the pressure on and hit them where it hurts; in their pocket.

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