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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Police action on Saturday (August 5) resulted in the confiscation of what the security forces have described as "ready-for-sale cocaine" and the detention of one person.

According to the police, that find had other spinoffs, when a number of other residences of the individual in custody resulted in the discovery and seizure of a large quantity of marijuana at a property in Newtown.

Also seized in Greenlands, the police report was a large quantity of cocaine and two illegal firearms with ammunition.

Commenting on the operations that yielded illegal drugs and firearms and ammunition, Police Commissioner Ian Queeley said the vigilance of the police had paid off.

He said the officers are demonstrating their resolve and the commissioner called on the community to join the police in their fight against crime to help make a difference.

The police say that they have seized 32 illegal firearms so far for the year.

The 2016 figure stands at 36.

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