St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): A small team from the Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland is in St. Kitts to scan the Berkeley Memorial which is located in the center of the Circus in downtown Basseterre in order to create a 3D image of the monument with the intention of replicating it Scotland.

“The clock tower in the middle of The Circus is a terrific monument that was built originally in Glasgow in Scotland where we are from and there was another one built at the same time in Glasgow, but unfortunately in 1935 it was destroyed and it’s been lost. There was a third one made which went to Leeds in England and again in 1955 that was lost and destroyed. So the last remaining clock tower is here in Basseterre, so my colleague and I have come over to 3D laser scan the monument with a view to recreating one and  putting back on site in Glasgow.”

Eddie Horn is a lecturer with the University spoke about the initiative on the Heritage Matters Programs on WINN FM’s Breakfast Show.  

“We are just trying to raise the funds to do it but obviously before we raise the funds we had to make sure that its viable and that we can do it. So we had to come over and have a look at the clock here, scan it and from that scan be able to make original patterns cause everything’s been lost. The Sun Foundry who made the original tower has gone out of business many years ago, so there’s no plans, there’s nothing.”

A community group in Glasgow is behind the effort according to Stevie Anderson, who is also a lecturer at the Glasgow Caledonian University.

“….We were talking to him about several other projects and they came up just through conversation that … they were thinking about reinstalling something within the community and approaching the community to ask them what they would like to install and David ran a group called … which is a Facebook site and people were posting up pictures and one of the pictures that was posted was a 1930’s picture of the clock tower situated in Glasgow. So he said no and we said no, but, they were saying that if we can reinstate it and we approached it again and said well it’s viable but how do we do it?”

Actually building the monument will cost about $130,000 pounds Mr. Anderson said.

“So, because we are engineers and we are part of the university and we were talking about other projects we suggested that we have the technology to laser scan a 3D model then we can create the technical drawings needed to manufacture. So that was the motivation, then we took about two years to get the funding to come here to this part of it so that’s the first stage. When we go back home we’ll do the technical drawings and get the accurate quotations made to actually reinstall it and manufacture, then hopefully that goes. I think at the moment we’ve got about $20,000 pounds towards manufacturing it, but we reckon it’s gonna be about $130,000 pounds to manufacture and install it.”

According to, The Berkeley Memorial, which is in the form of a clock and drinking fountain, stands in what is known as the ‘Circus’. 

The memorial which was also built in Glasgow, Scotland was erected Basseterre in 1883 in honour of Thomas Berkeley Hardtman Berkeley, a past legislator and estate owner of Fountain, Greenland, Green Hill, Ottley’s, Shadwell and Stone Fort.


Author: Jacqueline BryanEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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0 #1 True Justice 2017-06-19 10:19
It is fascinating to see, that these guys came from 4000 miles away to replicate what we have and have had for about 134 years and our leaders have allowed the desecration and or abandonment of our historical sugar sites. Most of our past will be non existent from our landscape and memory forever, and it is sad that we do not realize that. Do we still have school songs, do we raise our national flag and sing our national anthem daily? We need to and similar should be done at all public offices. Those who do not support such, have no right attending or working at such establishment. We need to identify ourselves and those coming to live amongst us must abide by our laws, rules and customs. No religion must trump above ours, we are a Christian Nation built on Christian Values. You're free to worship who or what you wish, but Christianity must prevail over all other in St Kitts Nevis. And we owe none an apology for so upholding!

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