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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Twenty-eight people from all walks of life graduated from the fifth cohort of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and Jenkins Leadership Course on Wednesday evening. 

The course which took place over eighteen weeks, trained participants to be leaders in their homes, communities, and lives, and focused on aspects of leadership such as public speaking, networking, teamwork skills, and business development.

Mahaidai Liburd, a graduate from the leadership programme, talked about her experience with the course.

“A personal testimony for me, I am naturally a very reserved person and have often diagnosed myself as an extreme introvert, I am a woman of little words, and I dislike public speaking. In the first week of the course, I perched myself at the very back of the class, so that I would not be in the spotlight, I said to myself, I will sit, listen, and not say a word. However, I think Mr. Jenkins realized that I was trying to keep a low profile. One day, while working on a group assignment, Mr. Jenkins was observing the interaction between the group members but he did not say anything, but after class he approached me and urged me to speak up more in class, he also said, ‘Liburd, you will do great things.’ This moment meant the world to me, because after knowing me for a few weeks, he was able to see something in me that I did not. This course has helped me conquer my fear of being an introvert to becoming an extrovert. I mean, I am here this evening delivering the course review, so thank you Mr. Jenkins for believing in us and for the opportunity to learn from you.”  

Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Timothy Antoine, commended the course’s efforts, and emphasized the importance of teaching people to be leaders in their nation.  

“Leadership matters, always has, always will. The economics of leadership finds where leadership is lacking, citizens, companies, and countries underperform. I commend the CFBC, Mr. Peter Jenkins for initiating this leadership course, I understand it’s the fifth, and for all the graduates for their successful completion.  As many of you know leadership is a journey, and as a leader I have gained many insights throughout my leadership journey, now in the time allotted I want to share with you three insights, just three, from my journey. Here is the first, you cannot lead if you do not read, here is the second, a leader with poor character will not last, and here’s the third, handle criticism with a tee.”     

At the graduation ceremony, groups from the leadership programme gave presentations on outstanding citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis, reflecting on the qualities that made the highlighted individuals successful.

Those persons were honored with awards of recognition for their contribution to national development.

Graduates of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and Jenkins series received certificates for completing the program.

The final project of the fifth cohort of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College/Jenkins Leadership Course was the construction of a brand new Belle-Vue bus stop this year.


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