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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The Ross University of Veterinary Medicine Science hosted a Community Town Hall Meeting on Safety and Security at its auditorium on Wednesday afternoon (June 14). In attendance were the permanent secretary in the Ministry of National Security Osmond Petty, US Consul General to the US Embassy in Barbados, William Bent and Dean Sean Callanan.  

The event attracted a large turnout and featured presentations and a question and answer session. 

WINN FM spoke to the Dean of Ross University Dr. Sean Callanan immediately after the Town Hall meeting. 

“So this event was to really highlight or to showcase what we are doing about security in collaboration with the government, with the police officials and with the US Embassy itself, the US Embassy based in Barbados, and so it was really to showcase to our students, to our American citizens, to our own community and really it was an open invitation to many different people to get a flavor of the different ways we approach personal security and the tips we offer people when it comes to personal security.”

WINN FM asked the Dean what are some of the issues they’ve been facing and the recommendations they’ve offered.

“Essentially crimes that are the level of burglaries predominantly and some of this is complacency, some of it is just situations where people are caught off guard and we keep reminding them, particularly around our student population. Of course most of our students have a very pleasant experience here but there is always a small percentage in which things will go wrong, maybe their car is broken into, some of their valuables taken, perhaps they are accosted at times, different things that can happen. It’s not large numbers but it’s important that they know what’s out there and available to them by way of support and that’s one of the reasons we’re showcasing what we do but also what we do with the government because we can’t do it alone and what we do with the US Embassy as well.”

WINN also spoke to the Permanent Secretary Osmond Petty and asked him about his message at the event.

“I think the exercise was useful, security issues are global and I tried to point out to them that the things that they would not do in the United States they should not do here. We have been collaborating and by we I mean the government, the ministry of national security, the police have been collaborating with Ross University and it was very important that I highlight some of these areas of collaboration so that we can strengthen them. The symposium that we had in February was financed by a private sector group which is lead by Ross University and so it was very important that they understand what we’re doing.  Many people focus on the failures, the crime statistics, my presentation did not highlight the statistics because they are not something to be proud of but I try to focus on what we are doing to address the problem and I am confident in the short/medium term we are going to see results as the national crime prevention plan unfolds. So this exercise was very useful to share some of those insights and to continue the collaboration with Ross University.”


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