St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The government is currently reviewing a draft policy aimed at cyber security and e-safety for the nation’s children both in the school environment and at home.

To this end the Ministry of Education collaborated with the Ministry of Justice, Legal Affairs and Communications, the Department of Information Technology, and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to produce a training workshop surrounding the Child Online Protection Initiative.

The recently concluded two- day workshop was aimed at secondary schools students, principals, ICT heads of departments, teachers, parents, guidance counselors and Education officers, to identify and resolve issues relating to internet security and cyber-bullying.

Participants learned about among other things, the role educators play in developing cyber security, and elements of cyber bullying and its impact on the school and home settings.

Technology Policy Advisor in the Office of Information and Communications Technology, Pierre Bowrin, speaking with WINN FM, explained the purpose of the workshop:

“The primary objective of the workshop was to educate secondary school principals, ICT teachers, counselors and other stakeholders within the Ministry of Education on the risks and vulnerabilities of youth cyber activities, in addition to control measures and recommendations in an effort to support safe cyber experience for our youth.”

He highlighted some of the areas discussed at the workshop, which included how schools can manage the use of IT for students.

“We discussed appropriate and inappropriate measures of youth online engagement, getting teachers and counselors and so forth aware of those methods that are safe and those that are unsafe.

“There was also discussion and tips with regard to safeguards for parents, guardians, teachers and so forth, and discussion on cyber security management for schools- what schools can do to ensure the environment in which kids are getting online is as safe as possible.

“They looked at appropriate solutions to strengthen policy regarding what stance or position the Ministry is going to take, and document that in policy to ensure that our nation’s youth are as safe as possible when they are engaging in cyberspace even if they are at home or at school.”


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