St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The public will sometimes be inconvenienced when the police are carrying out their duties, says the Head of the Traffic Department, Inspector Carl Caines. Last week, a police check point near Conaree Village created long lines and had motorists and their passengers waiting in queue for varying periods of time.  Inspector Caines said last week that people should leave home earlier and be prepared to wait in queue for 5-10 minutes.

WINN FM had initially received reports that persons waited for 20 minutes or more.  Since publishing the initial story, other members of the public have shared their experiences with WINN FM indicating that they were waiting for up to an hour or more. 

A video shared on WINN FM’s Facebook page showed a long line of vehicles leading out of Conaree Village and extending out of Keys Village stretching towards Cayon. Reports also indicate that some students were late for their overseas examinations and persons were late for work.  

WINN FM shared the video with Inspector Caines on Tuesday (June 12).

“What I can say to the motoring public is that the police business is to keep everybody safe, it means at times we have to inconvenience you for your own safety and that morning was one of those mornings, it doesn’t happen every day.  …So if one or two mornings out of a month the police are on the road doing their safety checks and safety precautions, I have no problem with that, so you have to be prepared because when we travel you’re in this long line of traffic, you have to go through tolls and tunnels, when the police are doing operations we comply. We are saying the public is crying out on one hand about the murders and the guns, high broad daylight people are shooting people now and we’re saying people are walking around with guns and other illegal stuff, if the police decides to mount an operation once or twice per month, Carl Caines has no problem with it, I would do it again..” the Inspector said.

WINN FM asked if it was brought to the Inspector’s attention that children were late for their CXC examinations and people were late for work? The Inspector gave this response.

“The only concern I have at this time is the children, had we know it was an exam day, but a normal working day, I can live with that, because when are we going to have it done then?’

WINN FM: Is it the when you’re going to have it done or the how it’s done?

Inspector Caines: "Well it is how it’s done and when it will be done…”

WINN FM: Remember if you did it that way and you had 50 vehicles on the road and it took you a certain amount of time, admittedly we have what five times that on the road now …”

Inspector Caines: "What is happening, some decent people who we call decent, have been driving their license has been expired for three years, two years, it happens. Only the people we consider to be the bad boys or the people in the ghetto we tend to target, but once this operation is mounted we get the good, and the indifferent because some decent people, I wouldn’t call their names, been driving around with their license expired for a long time, no policy in place and if something should happens nothing is in place. If something happens, how would the person who is injured would get compensation? So the public doesn’t know everything, some persons who we believe are well to do, they are violating and they are cheating the system, and they are not fair on all fronts and they are not forward on all fronts.”


Author: Jacqueline BryanEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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-1 #2 Darkie 2017-06-14 19:37
Are they implying that someone living in Cayon that works for 8:00 should have left home at 6:15 instead of 7:15 to accommodate the hour long line cause by this exercise? Was this considered a smart search for drugs, guns and ammunition given that any driver with illegal items could have exited the 2 mile long motorcade during the hour long wait? Was it to check license and registration info that Inland Revenue has on record but do not analyze because they are too busy spying into our personal bank accounts as covered in another story? Hmmm....dont mind me, I'm just thinking out loud while getting high to kill some time while I wait in this long line of traffic to be searched. Peace!
+2 #1 Maritza 2017-06-14 09:08
While I agree that some consideration should have been taken that CXC exams were taking place, it seems as if the police could never do anything right for our citizens.

The police has introduced an initiative but people are complaining; they do nothing and people are still complaining. I therefore ask our citizens to let the police do the police work because they are appointed to do that work. Citizens are not police officers and should therefore NOT try to tell police officers hot to do duties for which they have been trained to do.

I APPLAUD YOU OFFICERS FOR DOING YOUR DUTY and perhaps those complainants would get up earlier now given that there may be stop and searches and therefore introduce a new arriving-early culture which is so needed in our society.

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