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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); The Attorney representing Ellia Jeffers in her appeal against conviction on several drug charges, has stepped down from the case.

On Monday the matter went before the Court of Appeal, which is sitting in the Federation this week.

Marsha Henderson of Henderson Law Chambers, who was the attorney of record for Jeffers’ appeal, raised the issue of her application to the court requesting she be removed from the case.

By way of explanation, the attorney said Jeffers had “failed to perform the basic requirements necessary to maintain the attorney-client relationship”.

The Justices asked Jeffers if she understood that the attorney was saying she did not wish to represent her anymore. Jeffers said she did. 

Jeffers was asked how much time she would need to either retain new counsel or indicate to the court if she would be representing herself. She said by the next sitting of the Appeals Court in the Federation.

The Justices adjourned the matter to the December sitting of the Court of Appeal, and gave Jeffers until the end of September to file and serve submissions. 

Jeffers, a government worker at the time, was charged with possession and importation of just over half a kilo of cocaine into St. Kitts via the R L Bradshaw International Airport in September 2014.

In December 2015 she was convicted on a number of drug charges relating to the bust and fined $65, 000 to be paid forthwith or face four year imprisonment. Jeffers spent a few weeks in jail before being released on bail pending the outcome of the appeal.



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