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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): St Kitts and Nevis is losing a generation of young people, according to former national security minister Dwyer Astaphan.

The Operation Rescue official was speaking to the country’s violent crime situation, with 14 homicides recorded for the year so far.

He says the number of young people killed over the past several years must be a cause for concern.

According to the former government minister, the precious gift of life appears to have little value in St Kitts and Nevis today.

“We have reached such a point of brutish that the privilege of old age granted to us by God is being taken away by the violence of men. The precious gift of life has little value in our country today. Of the 300 plus persons who have been murdered in the last 22 or so years, most of them, the vast majority of them have been under 50, in fact the vast majority of them have been under 30.

Astaphan, speaking on his Operation Rescue’s weekly radio programme, suggested that chronic diseases and bad food along with violent crime, are taking a serious toll on life in the federation.  

“We are losing a generation of young people, not just to these chronic diseases that have crept into our culture as a result of all of this fast food and this poison which passes for food that we put into our bodies, but in addition to that the poison that has been put into our minds, yes, coupled by intoxicants and drugs to poison our minds but the culture of toxicity has invaded our bodies with all of this obesity, all of this cardio vascular disease, all of this diabetes and all of this anti-social and criminal behavior.”

The Operation Rescue official says during his stint as minister of national security he attempted to address the problem of youth violence and crime, but received little help in that regard.

“There is always a price to be paid for not giving ideas a fair chance to at least be discussed and today everybody is bawling, not just bawling, wailing, there is gnashing of teeth, you and I alike.”


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