St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); After a back and forth verbal exchange between Speaker of the National Assembly Michael Perkins and Labour parliamentarian Konris Maynard on Tuesday (May 23), the MP was ejected from the National Assembly.

According to Maynard, “democracy is still under threat”, claiming he was ordered to leave parliament for “standing and awaiting the Speaker’s indulgence to ask a question”.

Maynard’s ejection came just after 1pm, on the heels of a sparring bout between the Speaker and Opposition Leader, former Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas over comments Douglas made about a certain Chinese economic citizen of the federation.

During a presentation by Prime Minister Timothy Harris, MP Maynard attempted to raise a Point of Order, at which point the Speaker told him it would not be allowed. MP Maynard again rose to interject, and was shot down by the Speaker and warned that if he chose to rise again during the Prime Minister’s presentation “I would have to act accordingly”.

MP Maynard asked if Chair was taking a decision that Members of Parliament could not raise a Point of Order during wrap-ups.

The Speaker told the Opposition MP that by being on his feet he was distracting the session, and asked him to take his seat. 

When Maynard said the Speaker did not know why he was standing, the Speaker said he found the young MP to be “grossly disorderly” and ordered him to leave the House immediately for the rest of the day’s sitting.

At that point all Opposition Members walked out of the parliament.


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-1 #3 Maritza 2017-05-24 08:27
By simply quoting what Hon Maynard said without telling the reading public what transpired before is rather DISINGENUOUS! And this leaves the reader to speculate and goes away with incorrect information.

"Maynard, “democracy is still under threat”, claiming he was ordered to leave parliament for “standing and awaiting the Speaker’s indulgence to ask a question”. I wished we were told the events that happened before the ejection. Were there warnings before? If yes, were these warnings not adhered to? I wish to get the entire story rather than a self-serving story!!!
0 #2 Maritza 2017-05-24 07:40
Well well well, what can I say! I have watched this video clip involving the ejection of Mr Maynard over and over and even after seeing it after reading this article I am almost persuaded that what I have seen was inaccurate. I am sorry that this site does not provide for uploading videos so you the reading public can read this article while watching or listening to the video.

I dare anyone to watch the video and read this article loaded with innuendos and draw your own conclusion...
+3 #1 Jeffrey L Donovan 2017-05-24 00:08
I taught members of Parliament were going to turn over a new leaf and be kinder and gentler to each other to show the youths the way forward as it relates to tolerance and civility, but it seems like brimstone bread and gas-lemonade still topping the menu in Parliament.

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