St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Junior Minister of Public Works in the Nevis Island Administration Troy Liburd and the CCM administration have come in for harsh criticism from the Opposition for ongoing water problems in Nevis.

According NRP leader former Premier Joseph Parry, the problem stems from poor management of the water services, and an overall lack of proper governance by the Concerned Citizens Movement.

“You get rid of George, the top man in water, then you come and tell me that the water problem is solved because you bought a pump? From when a pump runs itself, maintains itself ? What do the pumps run from? What drives the pumps? Electricity. Is the electricity problem solved? Isn’t the electricity going on and off and throwing the pumps off? The water level drops and then rises again. Water has been off all over the place for the past few days. You can hear the pipes blowing for lack of water in the pipes. Let us not be fooled.”   

In an interview with Nevis Tv 8, however Minister Liburd explained that the recent water outages were caused by a faulty pump which was replaced earlier this week.

“We’ve been having some challenges here on Nevis with the delivery of water and this pumping station is the culprit; it’s what has been causing most of the problem here on the island. It is the single largest producing well in Nevis and we had a failure in the pump in that well last year September.

“Since that the NIA stepped in to provide a temporary replacement pump but we have removed the temporary pump and placed the newly received BEAD pump that is going to be pumping water.”  

Liburd anticipated that water would be fully restored to the affected areas now that a new pump has been installed.

“Hopefully now the well will be back to producing the full amount of water, and in a few days we should have the water situation on Nevis normalized and people will be back to having 24/7 regular, full water.”

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0 #1 Maritza 2017-04-21 12:16
Great job Troy, I know you don't play!

I am happy to see the short time in which this water problem has been resolved. Could you imagine if you guys did not act swiftly what would have been the position of Nevisians today?

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