Ar. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force has launched a weekly radio program in order to open up more avenues for dialogue and engagement with the public.

The show aired on Thursday morning (Apr 20) on ZIZ radio, with District A Commander Superintendent Cromwell Henry shedding some light on the new policing initiative.

“The name suggests partnership. We always say the police cannot solve crime, we cannot even prevent crime by ourselves- we need to have partnership with the public, so the name of the show sort of connotes that partnership. 

“We are not policing you; we are policing with you, because you the public have a responsibility for preventing crime and even for detecting crime. We all have that civic responsibility to assist the police, and so the name of the show suggests that we are working together as a team. Tell us and we keep you safe.”

Superintendent Henry said various members of the Police Force would make appearances each week to discuss different aspects of policing.

“Each week the inspectors would come with a topic of the choice to discuss; one that is crime related, and you would get ways you could prevent that particular crime. They would explain how that crime is committed or give the definition for that particular crime. One misconception people tend to have is the crime of robbery. Some persons would say ‘Somebody robbed my car’ or that ‘I left my stuff on the beach and somebody robbed me’ meaning that they took their stuff. So we would want to explain the difference between robbery and larceny.”

The public would have the opportunity to pose questions to the officers, as well as make suggestions and give advice.

“The public would have a way to contact the program and interact with the officers. The last Thursday of every month we would open the lines and we will accept calls. So the public would have an opportunity t call into the program , ask questions, make comments, give advice, in addition to that we have an email address that will be given. We will also give phone numbers and ways that they could contact us anonymously because some people like to be anonymous; so we’ll give you that option so you could report, give advice- whatever you want to do with that portal. So you will have several options.”

The radio program falls under the Community Engagement section of the Force’s Six Point Plan of Action to reduce homicides and violent crimes in the federation.

Another outreach initiative listed in the crime fighting plan is the introduction of a regular feature in newspapers entitled the “Law and You”.

According to a police press release, Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley said he was pleased with the work of those involved in the development of the radio program and encouraged the public to “tune in, get the information, embrace it and put it to use to reduce their risk in becoming victims of crime".

The Commissioner said the police will use this program to share with the people ways to work with the security forces in preventing crime and reducing the fear crime in the communities.

He added that he looks forward to being a guest on the program to hear the concerns of residents. 


Author: LK HewlettEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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+1 #1 Jeffrey L Donovan 2017-04-21 09:47
One of the best ways to be more civic minded and reduce lawlessness is for persons to obey the ordinary laws such as not parking in places where there is a sign that clearly states No Parking or parking on yellow lines. Walk through town and you will see vehicles parked on yellow lines; you see bus drivers arguing with traffic officers even when the office politely ask the drive to please pull to the side and do not block the middle or exit lane. You also see persons interfering and even arguing with law enforcement while law enforcement is conducting an operation that does not even involve the person poking their nose in the matter. All these seemingly little things can eventually mushroom into bigger and more lawless things. Each citizen has to do his or her part to make the Federation brighter and better.

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