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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Premier Vance Amory and his deputy Mark Brantley came in for a tongue lashing from Nevis Reformation Party leader Joseph Parry Tuesday. 

At an NRP news conference Tuesday morning, Parry, the opposition leader in Charlestown, accused the Amory-led CCM Nevis Island Administration of poor management and lack of adequate planning.

He had some harsh words for Premier Amory.

“So what they did they fired people, they fired permanent secretaries, they transferred persons, they demoted persons, so what do you expect to happen? They destroyed the management team and who takes over, ministers. Which one of these ministers ever managed anything? You’ll quickly tell me Mr. Vance Amory and I’m not going to talk about him and management, in my younger days I used to, I don’t know if it matters now because he has been mortally wounded by his own people and he’s on his way out. What we should have for him is pity and sympathy and nothing else because he cannot recover. So it’s no use to bring him forward because he’s not able, he’s not available, he’s gone, he’s done. All those who have hope that he will come back like the Easter resurrection, it’s not going to happen, he’s gone they are just waiting now to sing the last funeral hymn and it will be sung sometime this year, you wait and see.”

Premier Amory’s Deputy Brantley is tipped to succeed Mr Amory, who is expected to retire in the near future.

Joseph Parry was even more scathing of Mr. Brantley at his news conference.

“The golden man, Mark Brantley, by now I think the people of Nevis understand that this man is a hopeless case of incompetence, I think they do. That he is totally unable to do anything that makes sense that can be reasoned out that even though his words sound like he’s from Oxford or some part of England that his actions are the actions of a man who is not thinking.”

Joseph Parry and the NRP remain incensed that Amory and Brantley are federal government ministers.

Premier Amory is a senior government minister in the Team Unity Administration, and Mark Brantley is the federation’s minister of Foreign Affairs.

While reiterating the NRP position that it is unfair that both are receiving monthly salaries from the Nevis Island Administration and the federal government, NRP leader Parry alleged that Nevis is today being run from Basseterre.

“We have a government in Nevis but we have ministers who are taking instructions from the cabinet in St Kitts. He’s their boss, he’s the boss of the Premier of Nevis, he’s the boss of the second minister on Nevis. He’s the boss who can call them in and tell them behave yourselves boys, boys, behave yourself! Are we as Nevisians proud of that? I would say to you as I have said on radio over and over again, we need our pride back, we need to run our own government, we need to determine the direction we want to go.”

According to NRP’s Parry, the NIA is not being properly run and allegedly suffers from a lack of direction.

He contends too that NIA government projects are not being discussed adequately in parliament because the legislature does not meet often enough.

The Concerned Citizens Movement-led NIA continues to rubbish these claims, citing its performance record and a range of projects funded by the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation – SIDF that Nevis is currently benefiting from.

The Nevis election is scheduled to be held next year but it is thought that it might be held earlier.


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