St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr. Timothy Harris says government and the Police High Command will look at whether there are too many police stations in St. Kitts and Nevis, and if so, consider the possibility that some may need to be closed.

The Prime Minister expressed this view in response to a caller to WINN FM’s Voices Program on Tuesday (March 14), who suggested that manpower was being wasted manning so many stations instead of patrolling the streets.

“The budget for the police department sounds good, but to me it is as if you are sinking money into a dark hole. Where I live has more people than St. Kitts-Nevis, and we have three police precincts, but St. Kitts and Nevis is bigger than where I live. In other words, we do not need all these police stations. St. Kitts needs three police stations: the main police headquarters, a zone A and zone B, and that’s it. We need feet on the ground, close down these stations, get vehicles, put them out in the field.”

Prime Minister Harris said the suggestion was not without merit, and warranted discussion.

“Do we have too many police stations, and we have to look at it objectively, and he is right to the extent, that if you close the police station, you free up manpower. The question is, do you want them there in the station sitting down, or you want them in the alleyways and the byways? I believe the preference as the gentleman spoke, is to have them in the alleyways and the byways, meeting, greeting, investigating, and that will be better for law enforcement in the country. So we have looked at that, and we have to, going forward make a determination, those stations that are closed is there a need for them, and do we need, as the gentleman said, to have less, as the police stations have to be manned, and could we better utilize the resources by having it.”

Dr. Harris said a previous Commissioner of Police had suggested closing some stations at certain hours but that had been met with opposition by some. 

He said the CCTV camera system police are about to roll out will provide police with additional sources of information and evidence to assist them with investigations and more efficient policing in general.  







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+1 #1 Jeffrey L Donovan 2017-03-16 19:55
Let me first say that I am aware of the fact that change is a constant; yes it is an oxymoron. Having said that, the idea of closing some police stations sounds good in theory, but it has to be properly studied before making that decision. How will the closing impact the communities that they serve? What are the positive or negative implications of the closings? Would they be replaced with smaller command posts placed in some community centers for example? Will more police equipment have to be stored in police vehicles and on other police mobile units such as bicycles, motor bikes or three wheelers? How about replacing the stations with mobile police stations so that they can be deployed in high crime volume area as needed if the stations are replaced? These are some ideas that came to mind. The more information that is available, the better an educated decision can be made. The return on investment of more police on the streets, more equipment and change in method of operation has to result in an increase in apprehension and a decrease in crime.

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