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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Labour Party MP Marcella Liburd said Thursday’s (Feb 16) meeting of parliament was “a charade, put on just for show”.

She said it was the second meeting of the National Assembly for 2017 and neither session had Public Business scheduled on the Order Paper, and therefore nothing for them to debate. Liburd accused the government of using the parliament to grandstand about its two year-anniversary in office instead of administering the people’s business.

“The convening of parliament today is really about part of the second anniversary of the Unity celebrations, that’s what it is about; and if they want to celebrate- and I don’t really see what we have to celebrate- hats off to them, but you can’t use parliament for that.

“Parliament is about doing the people’s business. Keep a public meeting and say whatever you want but don’t use parliament to keep a public meeting at tax payers’ expense.”  

MP Liburd said by now the Team Unity administration should have brought key pieces of legislation to the House, several of which they promised would have been tabled in the first 100 days of taking office.

“Two years on and after two meetings of parliament for 2017 there is still no Public Accounts Committee, no Bill to restrict the powers of non-elected Senators, no Integrity Commission, no Integrity in Public Life Bill, no Freedom of Information Bill, no Bill to abolish the Vesting of Certain Properties Act (2012) known as the Land for Debt Act, and no Bill to transfer the SIDF money into the Consolidated Fund, to name a few, all of which we were promised would have been done in the first 100 days.

“Instead, parliament is being manipulated to give an illusion of democracy and transparency when it is clearly only being used to parade and grandstand at taxpayers’ expense, while the government in collusion with the Speaker, perpetrates this fraud in order to silence the Opposition, the people’s business is being left unattended.”


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