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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Speaker of the National Assembly Honorable Michael Perkins has granted the Opposition Members’ request to meet with him to discuss his rejection of their motion of no confidence one month ago.

The Speaker made the announcement Thursday (Feb 16) at the start of the second parliamentary session for 2017.

“I have one announcement this morning and it is to advise this honorable parliament that earlier this morning I would have received signed by the honorable members on the opposition benches dated February 5, 2017 and addressed to me, in which they are seeking a meeting with the Speaker, to discuss in part, the recent ruling I gave with respect to the motion of no confidence in the Speaker and to discuss other matters I garner.

“Notwithstanding the fact that the rules as they relate to how motions are handled and notwithstanding my ruling, I am advising this honorable House that I am granting that meeting to the Opposition members in the soonest time possible, and I would report back to this honorable House as to the manner in which that meeting went and what transpired.”  

The five opposition members were not present in parliament on Thursday.

Labour Party MP Marcella Liburd told WINN FM that the opposition members had much more to discuss with the Speaker, much of which had been outlined in the December 2016 motion. She said however, they welcome his agreeing to the meeting and await notice of when said meeting would take place.

“It’s not just the motion, because if you take a look at what we put in the motion these are legitimate matters. For example I’ve never known anywhere in the world where you can be debating a bill and the Speaker doesn’t allow anybody at all from the Opposition bench to make a contribution on that bill; that has happened under this Speaker. 

“Now statement by ministers you can call anybody’s name and say all kinds of things about them and nobody is stopping them, and you have a Speaker sitting in the chair facilitating that.

“The irony is, the parliament is supposed to be the bastion of democracy, because you send people there so you can debate and discuss whatever you think is relevant to the people who put you there, but that is not happening.” 


Author: LK HewlettEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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