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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Tour Operators will now be operating out of assigned kiosks at the Port Zante cruise pier area in a newly implemented tourist dispatch system.

The new dispatch system went into effect Tuesday (Feb 14).

In an interview with WINN FM St. Kitts Tourism Authority Communications Manager Saju Ng’alla explained that the move is meant to improve the guest experience and the operations of taxi and tour at Port Zante.

“What’s different with this system compared to other dispatching systems is that each group of tour operators will get their own kiosk to operate from. So the open air safaris will have a kiosk; the scooter, Segway will get a kiosk; the ATV will have a kiosk; and so on.

“They will be very visible so when passengers come off the ship so guests can make their selections as people will be there in the kiosks, without having to be harassed or begged. The options are right there in front of them so they can make the decision easily and hassle free.”

The SKTA Official said the new system came out consultation with the different stakeholder groups and entities and will give tour operators equal opportunity to get business.

“It is important for me to note that this new kiosk dispatching system came about after consultation with the various taxi and tour operators. In fact a ground transportation committee for Port Zante was formed made up of official from the Ministry of Tourism, St. Kitts Tourism Authority, Urban Development Corporation (UDC), SCASPA, presidents of the various taxi associations- there are about three of them; and representative for the independent tour operators.

“Since last November this committee has been working to put together a system that would make everything efficient down at Port Zante while at the same time giving the various groups of tour and taxi operators opportunity to equally do business.”

So far six booths have been erected to the east of the Passenger Arrivals hall and up to three tour operators can share a booth. Ng’alla said the Authority would monitor the new system and dialogue with operators to tweak and improve the system should challenges arise. He said with the second cruise pier projected to come on stream in time for the 2018 cruise season, it may become necessary to build more kiosks to accommodate the anticipated increase in visitor arrivals.



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