St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); The Director of Public Prosecutions has filed an appeal against the fine handed down by the magistrate for Akeel “Kilo” Glasgow’s conviction for gun and drug importation.  

On January 7th, Glasgow was found guilty of importation of Cannabis, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Cannabis with Intent to supply, Possession of an illegal firearm and possession of ammunition. He was fined EC $200,000  to be paid in four (4) months or in default serve two (2) years in prison. In August 2015 Glasgow was caught smuggling a semi- automatic firearm with a magazine of nineteen rounds of ammunition along with over 6 pounds of compressed marijuana through a local courier service.

DPP Valston Graham filed the appeal on Wednesday. 

Speaking with WINN FM the DPP explained that the basis for appealing the sentence handed down by Senior Magistrate Josephine Mallalieu is that at a time and in a climate where stakeholders are seeking to restrict firearm possession and reduce gun-related violence, a noncustodial sentence for a firearm offence in this case is too lenient. 

“Having reviewed the facts of the case and the sentence that was imposed, I consider that the sentence is unduly lenient and so I have filed an appeal against the sentence.”

Earlier this week the nation’s lead Prosecutor said he would be reviewing the sentence of fines imposed by the same magistrate for a recent conviction against three men in a major drug case, to determine if he would be appealing the sentence.


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