St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The technical staff at The Cable has taken industrial action after employee concerns about salary increase and other issues were reportedly not met by the Board of Directors. 

WINN FM confirmed that the staff at the head end located at Buckleys turned up to work Monday and Tuesday but staged a sit in. Staff at the  office on Cayon Street is carrying out normal duties. 

WINN FM understands that staffers learned in December that the Board had approved a substantial increase for its members, while according to one employee, staff had not received an increase in salary in about nine years.

The staff wrote to the Board on January 17 listing a number of concerns the workers wanted to have addressed, including varying degrees of salary increases across the different pay scales within the company, and the reinstatement of the loan facility for employees.

The Board met with employees last Thursday and asked that they be given until March 31 to respond to the employee requests, however the employees were not satisfied that their concerns, which they say have been raised with the Board over the years, were being addressed.

While the Board did meet briefly with the employees on Monday, the industrial action continues. 

Attempts to contact management for a comment proved futile.

WINN FM understands that the employees intend to continue the industrial action until there is some resolution of the issues. Information is that so far the industrial action has not affected the cable company’s operations. 


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