St Kitts and Nevis (WINN) In keeping with the 2nd anniversary Thursday of Team Unity’s election victory in February 16 2015, the governing coalition intends listing various achievements made over the past 24 months. 

At recent town hall meetings Prime Minister Timothy Harris has been extolling the virtues of the administration and what he describes as the very good performance of his administration.

“We see that our country is unique among all countries of the world in terms of our ability to produce surpluses of millions of dollars year after year. In 2016 we provided an overall surplus of $130 million dollars and we gave a thirteen month salary, the only country in the world to be able to do that.”

Well, WINN FM polled a few citizens Monday (Feb 13), asking them to describe what they consider the best thing the coalition has done in two years.

It’s a question we put Elvis Jamdown Manners, Charles Morton, Reginald James and Sylvester Fraser.

“The guys did a lot of good things, and really and truly everything can’t be done at once because what we were facing 10 years ago, we have to give them some props. The only thing I want to see is the freedom of Integrity come. One of the problems I have is, I want the country to rise to the occasion and understand that they have to contribute.”

“I would definitely say that the removal of the VAT on food, I think has really served the country well. I think that there is definitely more spending power has increased considerably so persons much are better off.”

“We have a Prime Minister now that is more approachable and keeping his promises so far.”

“The best thing for me was the removal of the VAT from the food stuff and medicine.” 

We also asked Manners, Morton, James and Fraser what they felt could be considered disappointing in relation to Team Unity’s two years in office. 

“There are a lot of things I don’t like but I will try not to say much because I know they will correct it. I want to see a proper enumeration, we gotta straighten up the electoral list.”

“I’m concerned about the legislative agenda, I think that that is going too slowly. I think that we need to put a number of policies that were sold to the people and the people bought, that that needs to be a priority item.’

“I don’t think they have done anything bad so far as it relates to the previous administration’s modus operandi. The method of operation in the past under the former administration it was very different to what we see now. You have a more emphatic government that is they have empathy and they will listen to you.”

“Up until now I’m still listening to hear about what is happening with the voter’s list and also what’s happening with term limits. Those are the two things I’m waiting to hear.”


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+2 #1 Jeffrey L Donovan 2017-02-14 22:30
To echo what has been said, it is paramount to have Integrity in Public Life implemented. It should have been done a long time ago, but my hope is that it is done this year. And as it pertains to term limit, I also hope that Term Limit Legislation will have a component that excludes a person who has already served three terms as Prime Minister from serving again as Prime Minister. And after four terms, MPs should ride off into the sunset and give someone else a chance. They can move to the private sector and work for a company or setting up their own. More young people need to be groomed for public office, and I will be elated to see a Woman Prime Minister in my life time. There is one already capable of ascending to the office as far as I am concerned.

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