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I am truly appalled at the attack on me by the Commissioner of Police Mr. Ian Queeley, that "I used the platform of a National Crime Symposium to level a baseless attack on the integrity of the Police Service."

Not only is this untrue but it is also disingenuous.

To suggest that my contribution at the symposium was calculated and designed to attack the integrity of the Police Force is false, misleading and appears to be a deliberate attempt to discredit me and my contribution to the symposium.

The Commissioner fully knows that I was clearly criticizing the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Security and the Government for politicizing the police force and gave two examples to support my point.

In one example I said that an official police report, in reporting on the arrest of the brother of the former Commissioner, mentioned that he was the brother of the former Commissioner.

It was my recollection that it came from an official police report. If Commissioner Queeley says that is not the case, I take no issue with that.

The other example that I gave made reference to the very first meeting between the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security and the police. I said that in that meeting the Prime Minister among other things said: "We get the rid of them" in obvious reference to the Labour administration.

In response, some police officers clapped and cheered in agreement.

Commissioner Queeley failed to make mention of that in his statement.

I am therefore asking Commissioner Queeley whether this in fact took place at that meeting and if it did whether this was an attack on the integrity of the police service.

The Commissioner's statement deliberately took my remarks out of context to make a political statement.

I am rather disappointed that the Commissioner allowed himself to be used to satisfy a political agenda.

The Commissioner's statement is misleading, disingenuous and unfortunate.

The citizens of this country would much prefer the Commissioner to spend his valuable time in the fight against crime rather than "picking fights" with opposition politicians.


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0 #3 Maverick 2017-02-14 18:23
Illuminati or vacuous!
+6 #2 Jeffrey L Donovan 2017-02-13 20:07
It is disheartening to hear that political sniping moved to the forefront at the symposium when it should have been collaboration and communication to combat crime. It seems like persons were doing their utmost best to paint each other as the bad guy, while trying to convince the citizens that his or her side is the good side. This event was supposed to be about making the Federation safe and not about self, it seems like egos were too exorbitant to be subdued and chest beating and jeering became the order of the day, and focus on crime fighting which was the purpose of the event was lost. Let us get back to the topic and show the citizens that we can and will work together to subdue crime. All this back and forth jumbie last lick sounds like Primary school.
0 #1 Maverick 2017-02-13 19:59
I agree the COP must never allow himself to be sucked into rubbish comments, but he has a right to defend his department and he did it well. Far too often a large brush is used to smear the police and nothing is legally wrong for him to respond to a fabrication! A certain or assured solution to our crime predicament lies in Psalm 10:15, debate that, and obey the command and crush criminal conduct in SKN, and forget nonsensical chattering. Let us build or rebuild our nation to some semblance of civility that we enjoyed in the 60's-90's. If we chop off one or two hands, or just the indexes and thumbs of those involved in gun crimes and violence, we will have zero deaths yearly. All other modes we will be throwing money in a black hole.

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