St Kitts and Nevis  (WINN): The Team Unity administration and some of its supporters went to church Sunday (Feb 12) as part of ongoing activities celebrating the coalition’s second year in office.

For Prime Minister Timothy Harris, the church ceremony at the Catholic Cathedral in Basseterre was an occasion to say thanks.

The thanks extended to Governor General Sir Tapley Seaton, who was present at the celebratory mass.

"I must thank on behalf of the Cabinet, His Excellency Governor General, Sir Tapley Seaton, for gracing us with his presence and for me personally to say that under his tutelage I have heeded many wise counsel and I want to thank him for his support and I intend to be more regular at his knees seeking wise counsel and drawing upon his experience. As we commemorate our second anniversary I must acknowledge publicly that without the wise support, the regular and consistent availability of His Excellency, the successes which we lay a claim to could not have come."

The Prime Minister gave a sense of the activities planned for the week leading up to the February 16 anniversary. 

The government intends unveiling its programme of achievements over the last two years on Friday.

These include compensation for former sugar workers, removing VAT on foods, medicine and funeral services, and what the administration describes as effective fiscal management.

Its critics say the coalition has been dragging its feet on a proposed good governance legislative agenda, an agenda Attorney General Vincent Byron is indicating will take off this year.

For its part the opposition Labour Party argues that the Team Unity administration has done very little over the past two years, and accuses the government of a range of alleged missteps including victimization and nepotism.


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