St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Former National Security Minister and co-founder of Operation Rescue Dwyer Astaphan shares the view of some experts including Guyana's Education Minister Rupert Roopnarine, that something is awry with the Caribbean Examination Council Examinations.

Guyana's top CSEC Student, 16 year old Michael Bhopaul's performance of earning 24 Grade Ones and I Grade II in this year's exams have reignited the regional debate that has continued for years.

“I also want quickly in passing to mention a young Guyanese boy in Guyana who I’m told passed with twenty five CXC subjects. Now he is obviously a bright young fellow, he wants to do quantum physics and he will I’m sure be a wonderful addition to the intellectual community and hopefully will use his God given talents to improve the lot of human kind and the planet itself. But I have to say again that I think this CXC business is ridiculous, I don’t see how anybody could be attracted to the idea, able as you may be, to be doing twenty five CXC subjects, you’re a child. Go to school learn you lessons, play, have fun, grow up, get your health in the right place and that kind of thing. Again he and his family make their own decisions but this is another example of CXC in my view, gone utterly and completely mad” Astaphan said.

Guyana's Education Minister Rupert Roopnarine has stated that Guyana's children are not well rounded, because they are studying too many subjects while not engaging in enough extracurricular activities.

The record breaking student Michael Bhopaul told the Stabroek News newspaper in Guyana that he took on that challenge for fun and he actually wanted to do 27 but his parents and teachers were not amused.

Chipping in on the debate about a cap on how many subjects as student should be allowed to write, Bhopaul told Stabroek News that while writing so many subjects is not for everyone, it showed him he can define his own limits.

He said because the timetable did not allow so many subjects he had to alternate his attendance at classes and spend afternoon hours catching up with what he missed. He said he started early finished early and had time to do other things.

Bhopaul said his preparation included self study and extra classes in 14 subjects but he still managed to be on the debate team, participate in poetry competitions, science fairs and even sing in the choir.

Michael Bhopaul wrote the following subjects: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English A, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human and Social Biology, Integrated Science, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Office Administration, Economics, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Information Technology, Social Studies, Caribbean History, Geography, Technical Drawing, Industrial Technology, Spanish, French, Food and Nutrition, Home Economic Management and Agriculture Science.

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