(Billboard): Shakira's rise from Latin American star to global superstar, as told in the lawsuit filed by Antonio de la Rúa, her former boyfriend, was one of full of hard work, bold artistic moves, savvy management and love.

"The combination of de la Rúa's business and marketing talents with Defendant's artistic talents, beauty and sex appeal succeeded in propelling the value of the partnership far beyond anything either had previously achieved or believed possible," reads a section of the suit, one of many passages that strike a wistful note.

Now, de la Rúa is seeking to "recover his share of past and future partnership profits," says the suit, filed Nov. 20 by William Reid of Reid, Collins & Tsai in the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

The complaint follows a brief writ of summons filed by Shakira in late October seeking damages from de la Rúa for misappropriation of funds. 

His suit, in turn, provides a rare look at the intricacies of Shakira's career and seeks to "recover damages" of at least $100 million for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. The monies, states the suit, are owed to de la Rua as part of his standing arrangement with the star, although there is no written agreement between the two.

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