(Caribbean News Now): LONDON, England -- London based Whitefox Technologies, together with its partner Green, has secured a bioethanol contract with the Guyana government. 

Whitefox is working together with the Brazilian company, Green, to install the units for a bioethanol demonstration plant at the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (Guysuco) Albion Sugar Factory, and will be delivering a turnkey unit early next year. 

By using membrane technology, Guysuco is ensuring that this new ethanol industry is built with production efficiency as a cornerstone of future development.

After being completely reliant on imported oil as a key source of energy, the government of Guyana, through its Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU) is turning to bioethanol as a source of fuel. 

The project is supported by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). As part of the development of its climate change strategy, the IDB has identified sustainable biofuels as a priority area. After detailed studies it was concluded that locally produced biofuels could have a positive impact in Guyana. Whitefox Technologies will provide the dehydration technology for the first small scale bioethanol facility in Guyana. 

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