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(CNS): The ‘new new’ potential administration that was cobbled together just before midnight Friday that put McKeeva Bush back at the helm of government was on shaky ground Saturday morning, CNS understands. Various unverified sources suggested that the elder Independents, Ezzard Miller and Arden McLean, are not entirely enamoured by the idea of propping up Bush as leader. They appear to be looking to shape another potential cabinet line-up that could see Bush maneuvered into the speaker’s chair again or off the government frontline altogether.

The possibility of a new mix of the independents on the front bench, or an ‘eastern alliance’ with the PPM, was beginning to emerge.

CNS understands that meetings were taking place in hotels in the Seven Mile Beach area Saturday and, in a third possible government deal so far this weekend, another compromise was being discussed to secure an Independent-PPM alliance that could see Moses Kirkconnell as the premier.

It is understood from Bush’s correspondence Friday with his CDP officials that the first attempt at a CDP alliance with the Independent candidates had collapsed, as Miller in particular was not keen on working with Bush in Cabinet and that Chris Saunders, formerly a Bush supporter, was also reluctant to support him as premier.

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