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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The general public is being urged to pay all year-round attention to the weather and not only during the Hurricane Season.

That appeal is coming from Senior Meteorological Officer Elmo Burke.

According to Burke, who works for the meteorology office under SCASPA, the public is generally aware of the weather on a day to day basis.

However he says people are more likely to pay attention to weather reports when they anticipate natural hazards that can potentially harm the area.

“The majority of the general public is seemingly aware of meteorology, but we usually have a heightened sense of awareness as we approach the hurricane season because most persons tune in expecting information relating to the hurricane season.”

Meteorology Official Burke has identified some of the sectors including tourism, agriculture, and the water department in which citizens pay attention to weather throughout the year because it can have a direct impact on their line of work.

“Yes I find that the tourism and agriculture sectors are more sensitive to weather outside the hurricane season. They are more acutely aware of the impact of weather and they respond accordingly, whereas the general public because most of the impact is confined to the hurricane season and the weather information then.”

Elmo Burke's comments are in keeping with the observance of World Meteorological Day on Thursday (March 23).

The theme is “Understanding Clouds” with one of the aims being to educate the international community on the significance of clouds in weather systems and the natural environment.

According to the weather official, clouds play an important role in meteorology as they are utilized as a technique to identify particular weather systems, and monitor and examine climate change. 

They are also considered key features in the water cycle, the natural process that allows every person on earth to have drinkable water.

“Clouds they are very important in the water cycle, they help transport moisture in precipitant forms. Clouds also impact climate because as you know climate is the long-term averaging of the weather.”

The federation have reportedly not planned any official activities in observance of World Meteorological Day.

However, Met Official Burke argues that it is important that the federation recognizes the importance of meteorology and how it impacts their daily lives.


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