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St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN); Teachers who have not yet received certification at least at the level of the Teachers Training College, are being told to get certified as soon as possible if they wish to remain in the teaching service.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Vincent Hodge, speaking with WINNFM: 

“The Deputy Chief Education Officer, the Personnel Officer and myself, we’ve convened a number of meetings with persons who teach at the primary and secondary level who have been teaching for years and have not gone to Teachers’ Training College. We are about to give them an ultimatum to say that you need to get yourself qualified so that you can enroll in Teachers’ Training College. 

“We’ve also met with teachers from the Early Childhood sector and we’ve told them the same thing.

“We’ve offered assistance to them and we’re saying that if by a certain time you don’t get qualified then we are going to give you an ultimatum that by this time if you’re not qualified to go to Teachers’ Training College, then you have to look for an alternative job.”

In the federation, the basic qualification for public school teachers is a minimum of five CSEC subject passes- English, math, social studies, a science subject and another subject. In the absence of a bachelors degree or higher, teachers would have to attend the Teachers Training College, where upon the successful completion of the course, they would earn an associate degree in Teacher Education from the University of the West Indies. 

Mr. Hodge said in order to assist teachers getting certified, the Ministry has offered assistance to those who are in the service but do not have the required subject passes needed to attend Teachers Training College.

“The Ministry took the initiative to pay for teachers to attend a Math class in order to upgrade their skills and get to obtain the subject at the CSEC level, because a number of them indicated that was the area they needed help most…and we said the Ministry would pay for you to attend this particular class. That is still in session; I think it goes up until January [2018].”

The Permanent Secretary made it clear that this is not an arbitrary move by the Ministry. He said most persons in the service are trained, but the Ministry’s objective is to have all teachers certified.

“The majority of our teachers are trained. Our intention, our objective is to have a 100% trained teaching force in St. Kitts and Nevis.”


Pic: PS Vincent Hodge


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