St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The tunnel at the top of Timothy Hill on the South East Peninsula could be lit in less than two weeks.

The tunnel was officially opened in May 2016, however funding for the lighting was only released to the lighting engineer in November of that year.

Electrical Engineer Nubian Greaux, owner of New Generation Engineering, tells WINN FM that the custom lighting fixtures arrived on the island on Friday and installation work began on Monday.

“We received the lighting fixtures on Friday, and of Monday, we have commenced the installation of the lighting fixtures. There’s about 26 lighting fixtures, so we have thirteen fixtures on each side of the tunnel. The fixtures are approximately nine feet in length, so they cover a really good distance and the intensity is very high. We are expecting to get very good lighting from each fixture.

"Hopefully the lighting project would be completed by mid next week.”

Greaux gave some insight into the preparatory work that has gone into the project.

“We installed the preliminary system in order to hold the lighting. We had to do some excavation on the road in order to bring power supply to the worksite. We had to install conduits to run the main cables to where the fixtures would be installed. There was a lot of preparatory work, ordering the fixtures because the fixtures were made to specifications for the tunnels from the Kennel lighting company in the US, so most of the dimensions and specifications they needed to be sent from here in St. Kitts, and it took about ten weeks to build these high intensity LED fixtures for the tunnel.”   

Despite the ongoing work, Greaux said the tunnel is still in use, but urges drivers to cooperate traffic directions in the area in the interest of safety.

“The tunnel is usable; however some of the taxi men, they get very impatient and they don’t obey the traffic signs. We had a few incidents already where persons were trying to control the traffic and the taxi men went around them and just came up the road. Now, in the tunnel we have scaffolding up, and we have guys that are working on ladders, so it becomes very dangerous when those guys don’t obey the traffic sign, so we are asking everybody to cooperate with us to allow us to install the fixtures and make the environment as safe as possible.”


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