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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Look out for counterfeit EC currency notes during this time of heightened regional festivities.

That advice is coming from the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, which cautions that vigilance should be exercised when conducting cash transactions to ensure the authenticity of notes.

The Central Bank says counterfeit notes do not have any value, and warns that it is a criminal offense to pass them on.

Members of the public and businesses are being told that if they encounter any suspicious looking note that they should take it to the ECCB Headquarters, any of the Central Bank’s Agency offices or the Criminal Investigations Department within the OECS state concerned for assessment. 

Antigua police earlier this month urged residents to immediately report to them any discovery of the circulation of counterfeit Eastern Caribbean Currency or any other currency.

The appeal was made by Inspector Frankie Thomas on Observer Radio, after a resident shared photographs showing counterfeit $50 dollar notes. 

The notes are reported to have had the identical serial numbers, making it clear that they were fake.

“It is always important for us to become familiar with the legal tenders, the EC note, which seems to be a note that is in most cases counterfeited and is being circulated especially leading up to festive seasons or people may want to use the opportunity to counterfeit this currency in exchange for goods and services and in the event that you come across any illegal tenders, illegal EC currency, illegal notes for that matter, we asking members of the general public to report it to the police immediately so that we can initiate investigations into these reports.”

Back in January Grenada police warned that there were counterfeit 20 dollar EC notes being circulated on that island. 

The general public was at the time urged to exercise the utmost vigilance and caution when doing business.

Last year there were also counterfeit note problems in Grenada and St Lucia.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank says the features of authentic EC Currency notes are outlined on the ‘Take Note of Your EC Notes’ posters available on the Bank’s website – 

It says too that additional information on the subject of counterfeit notes can be accessed via the Bank’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page – ECCB Connects. 




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