St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Grenadian politician Peter David has reminded the Peoples Action Movement and the Team Unity administration that they are servants of the people and should not ignore them while in power.

Senator David of Grenada’s governing New National Party was the featured speaker at PAM’s annual convention Sunday (April 23).

“You won this last election because you told all of your soldiers here and all of the people in this country that you will do better and the people and your soldiers believed you, and in fact you have done better.”

Drawing on his own experience in government, Peter David recalled election defeats he said happened because the politicians involved lost touch with the people.

“On two occasions we lost power and we lost power because we got into power and we forgot who put us in power.  You see brothers and sisters, when we get into government it’s not that we mean bad, it’s not that any of these ministers mean bad, it is just that you get busy and you forget. We are human beings, we forget and we forget that at the end of the day, politics is about people.  Nothing else, people!  We must always keep in our minds that we as ministers of government are servants of the people.”

According to Senator David, people don’t expect their government to do magic.

But they want their representatives to sit and speak with them.

“We are there like it or not to serve the people. MPs have to bare in mind and ministers have to bare in mind that they would not be in their position were it not for the people. You see, keep in the back of your head that you are employed by the people and the problem is if you lose touch with the people, you gonna lose your work! Simple as that! And it is true when you get into government you see things that you have to do, you have to travel. People don’t expect you, brothers and sisters, to do magic, people are reasonable, but you must sit and speak with them.” 

Grenadian MP David said he was happy to use his address at the PAM Convention to offer friendly advice.

“People don’t expect you to come into government and solve all the problems in a month, but if it looks like you flying here, you flying there and you living nice and you not doing anything for them, they will say well you solving your own problems but you ain’t solving mine.”


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