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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): The response to the Police Force’s Inaugural Summer Camp has been overwhelming according to the Camp’s Coordinator, Officer Lauston Percival. Weeks prior to the July 14th deadline, all forms for the Police Summer Camp had been distributed.  Officer Percival told WINN FM that with so many persons interested in the Camp, if all forms were not returned by the end of the week, the remaining spaces would be filled by re-opening registration.  The Police are catering for 200 children.

“When we put the word out that there would be a camp and that it would fall directly under the police department we initially did 150 forms and in a weeks’ time they were gone. We realized people were still calling, so I asked if we could push it up to 200 and I got the green light to do that and we printed the extra forms. They too went in quick time and people are still calling but we capped it off at 200. …At the end of the [submission] deadline which is July 14, once the forms are not returned, whatever the difference is, we are going to reprint them and we are going to issue them to persons who are out there waiting.”

He said that businesses were coming forward to offer their assistance and had no major challenges to report to date.

“ …Persons from the corporate community they are meeting the officers and expressing their willingness to assist wherever they can, so I honestly cannot pinpoint any difficulty that we are having to date and I must say thank God for that.”

The Police Force took over Operation Future’s Summer Camp to compliment its community policing efforts.  Operation Future, is described as an initiative to address issues relating to youth, crime and violence in the Federation, through education, intervention and mentorship, hosted it last camp last year.

The Police Summer Camp runs from the 14-27 August and caters to children 5-16 years old.



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