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St Kitts and Nevis (WINN): “The Strip is home to approximately 12 business establishments each offering entertainment, tropical beach bars and restaurants Mr. Speaker, and despite its current popularity development of The Strip was not as deliberate as it could have been.”

Tourism Minister Lindsay Grant was at the time reporting on the expenditure and activities underway in the Frigate Bay area known as The Strip during Tuesday's (May 23) National Assembly.

“The total funds Mr. Speaker for the project which will be done in two to three phases, at the start is approximately $3,227,694 dollars of which the federal government has put in $2 million dollars and the CDF has given a grant of $1,227,795 dollars. The Ministry of Tourism, Mr. Speaker, is the executing agency and we have technical support from the Public Works Department and the Ministry of Sustainable Development. The projects benefits from the oversight and guidance from the Programme Management Committee (PMC) comprised of senior officials from both the private and the public sector reflecting the cost cutting nature of the tourism sector.”

A new roundabout and paved roads are among the new features of the beachfront area as part of an enhancement project that started last November 2016.  

“Most of the infrastructural work has been completed. Roads constructed, sidewalks and wheelchair access and ramps completed, delivery and pick up points completed, extensive of network of underground water completed, sewage and electrical lines completed and the entrance roundabout completed, all to the tune to date as I speak, in the sum of $2,523,906 dollars, Mr. Speaker. The parking area is to be completed and as we prepare to embark on the next phase all these elements will be finalized.”

A coastal erosion mitigation project is also expected to be restarted soon according to the Tourism Minister.


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