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(Barbados Today) An unfortunate mix up led to two Barbadian artistes releasing the same song, written by the same person, albeit two years apart, according to lyricist Jason Shaft Bishop.

Soon after Nikita released Same Way on Monday, it was discovered that Britain-based Deevine had released the song as We De Same on YouTube in 2015.

The revelation created quite a stir on social media as Barbadians tried to figure out what went wrong.

Bishop Wednesday cleared the air, saying in a statement released by his management he simply forgot he had given the song to Deevine.

“Shaft was not aware that the song had been released and there was not much traction with it then. In 2017, De Red Boyz asked Shaft if the song was available. Shaft informed them it was free to use. Unfortunately, he did not have a proper classification system at the time and genuinely forgot that he had sent the song to Deevine two years earlier,” the release said.

The Trinidadian writer’s management made it clear it was Bishop, not Deevine, who owned the publishing rights to the song, although it acknowledged that the British-based singer owned the master rights to her version, while Nikita owns similar rights to the 2017 version.  

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