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(Jamaica Gleaner) Desnoes & Geddes Limited, operating company for the Red Stripe Jamaica brewery, will invest €12 million or about $1.7 billion this year in order to develop a new packaging line and technology system to handle expected growth in volumes for the next decade.

The current line operates at full capacity since the brewery decided last financial year to once again make beer, bound for the United States market, in Jamaica.

The new line will allow for the handling of the local and overseas product demand. The company will also implement new inventory and data-processing software to improve sales and productivity.

"Our current line is not capable of supplying the demand for the next three years. Right now, our line is at maximum capacity, we have no room to grow. So we are investing in this line to manage our demand for the next 10 years," Red Stripe Jamaica Managing Director Ricardo Nuncio said in a Financial Gleaner interview at the Red Stripe brewery in Kingston on Thursday.

Concurrently, the company will consider introducing beers from Mexico and other markets into Jamaica. It's aimed at growing local consumption of beer by offering choices to consumers in a market that trails other regions. Sol, the primary beer under consideration, falls within the Heineken group. Red Stripe Jamaica is a 95.78 per cent subsidiary of Heineken.

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