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(Jamaica Observer) Telecoms provider Symbiote Investments Ltd, which trades as Caricel, says it will continue offering competitive services as an LTE advanced telecoms provider in Jamaica despite recent court developments.

According to Minett Lawrence, company secretary for Symbiote Investments, the company will continue to offer a range of services to consumers on excellent terms and at affordable prices.

Lawrence noted that in the written decision of the Court handed down on January 24, the court gave consideration to the issue of national security, and confirmed that there was nothing before it to suggest that circumstances constituting the alleged threat to national security were in existence “at this time”.

“We wish to reassure our customers that Caricel has a valid domestic carrier and service provider licence to provide local, fixed and international services, and our spectrum licence remains intact. We continue to offer top of the line service to our customers, and we look forward to a speedy resolution of all outstanding issues in a manner that will benefit Jamaicans and the telecoms market,” she stated.

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